A New Generation


Recently I taught a small group of young ladies (10 years) how to sew a tote bag. The bag had a nine-patch front and was lined. I could and did make a sample in a couple of hours. The class consisted of two sessions of three hours each. We needed every minute.

This class was no exception to any other class I have taught or been a student of, young or old. One student hasn’t any experience at all. She needs extra time to be shown the basics of the sewing machine and tools. Do not misunderstand, I am not criticizing, she simply hasn’t experience.

Another student has experience and is usually two steps ahead of the rest of the class. Sometimes this can be fortunate as she may help another student if the need arises.

I find it interesting that all students have “strenghts”. It may be an eye for color, natural ability at the machine, or a strong desire. What is interesting is which “strenght” lies with which person. The student that may need extra help may have the strong desire. She will not give up. The speedy student may have the eye for color.

By the end of the first session they have doubts about this project. Sewing a striaght line is harder than they thought. The frustration of ripping seams apart when one square is sewn backwards shows in long sighs.

The end of the class results in completed tote bags. The pride show in their faces. Showing-off their bags to all who will look; they talk of plans to make more tote bags for family and friends.

So begins another generation of sewer and quilters.


About cpgdesigns

I have over 35 years of quilting, teaching and sewing experience. I applied these skills to produce quilt patterns to encourge new quilters to express their creativity and technique with confidence. Experienced quilters will appreciate the quick, easy but versatile patterns. I hope you enjoy my view of the quilting world.

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