Spring Market 2010


It’s been a busy month. Classes to teach, quilts to make. All of this preparation leading up to the Quilt Spring Market. I’m pleased to say that one quilt I made appeared at the Windham Fabrics booth. It was a treat to hear that it would be traveling to shops across the country as a sample.

Spring Market was very sucessful for all who attended I believe. The companies all had wonderful things to show and the shop owners seem happy to shop.
Windham Fabric’s Paisley Panache, Baltimore Album, and Gettysburg collections are terrific. Windham’s parntership with Jenny Haskins produced “When Flowers Dream”, a romantic collection.

Robin Pandoph had three collecitons showing at market. I should be that productive. Currently available is ‘Beach House’, a faded pastel collection. ‘Fancy Hill Farm’ is a holiday grouping available in June. Lastly, ‘Rue Saint Germain’ will be available in September and I can’t wait.

I saw an equal variety of civil war reproductions, bright batiks and Asians. 30’s era reproductions are making a comeback. Several companies had new collections. So much more I could write but haven’t the time.


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