Band Fundraiser


Recently my daughter asked if I had a quilted item I could donate to my grandson’s band fundraiser. I thought I might have something in my UFO box.  Indeed I did. A small turquoise and beige wall hanging about 30” X 30”. The top was complete and ready to sandwich, I thought.  It just needed something special for the backing so that meant a trip to the store.

I sorted through my stencils and books for a design. I wanted something more than ‘stitch in the ditch’ quilting.  I found what I wanted and marked the top.  I basted the 3 layers together, as there are always leftover scraps of batting around the sewing room.  I thought I had the perfect color of thread, I did but it was hand quilting thread not machine thread. So it was wait for the next day for another trip to the store.

Now I was ready to quilt.  I decided to try something different. Not always a good idea when time and purpose is important but thought it would be okay.  If I am ‘stitching in the ditch’ quilting I use the walking foot on my sewing machine. If free motion quilting is required I take it off the machine and put on the appropriate foot.  The quilt design I chose was mostly straight lines with some gentle curves. I thought I might try using the walking foot and gently turn the quilt sandwich as I stitched along the lines. In a couple of places I did have to stop and needle down the machine and pivot for a tighter turn but it did work.

I have finished the project and taken a picture of the wall hanging. I am pleased with the results. Tomorrow I will deliver it to the chairperson for the fundraiser. I hope it brings a good price. Not just because I put a lot of work into it but because I love my grandson!


About cpgdesigns

I have over 35 years of quilting, teaching and sewing experience. I applied these skills to produce quilt patterns to encourge new quilters to express their creativity and technique with confidence. Experienced quilters will appreciate the quick, easy but versatile patterns. I hope you enjoy my view of the quilting world.

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