Happy St. Patrick’s Day



Happy St. Patrick’s Day. In the mid-Atlantic it is just another snow day. 9 inches fell during the night and everything is closed until we can dig our way out again. We really hope this is the last snow storm.

I last wrote of not being able to accomplish much sewing but the last 3 weeks have been nothing but sewing.  I completed a baby quilt and two small wall hanging  (26” X 22”) challenge quilts completed. I belong to the Mason Dixon Quilt Professionals Network. Every two years we have a challenge which is often exhibited at major shows. This challenge theme is US Modern Era – 1914 – 2014. I choose space exploration as I have an Uncle who worked on the Saturn rocket engines. The second quilt I made had to do with Television. I created a Television with many iconic show titles on the ‘screen’. This project was fun but hard to make the choice of which titles to include. There were so many to choose from.  If you have chance to see our exhibit I’m sure you will enjoy it.


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