Change is Good


The Pastor at our church is leaving. Today was his last sermon. He spoke about how leaving would be good for us.  I will be P. C. about the religious aspect of this other than to say he did a great job.  I found this subject appropriate for many areas of life, in my opinion.

Some may not want to have things change. They work with people they like and cooperate well with. They may have a calm family life without strife and arguments at home. The town may not have any crisis at the moment.  That is great but it cannot stay that way, life changes.

If nothing were to change we would become stagnant. Without change there is no growth.  Growth allows us to expand our horizons, to create and adapt to the new specifications of need. As the saying goes…necessity is the mother of new inventions.

How does this apply to quilting? We often have one style or area of quilting that we enjoy the most. If we had our way it would be the only way we would quilt. It might be applique, 30’s fabrics, or civil war reproductions, just to name a few areas of quilting. Whatever it might be we would never venture away from it.

Change can be good. Try something different. Maybe try the new modern trend, wool felting, or dying your own fabric. You may like or not. Many years ago I took a class dying fabric. I found I personally did not like it but I now have an appreciation for hand dyed fabrics.  You may find something you like as much or some technique that you can incorporate and enhance your favorite style. It is better to try and learn than not to try at all.


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