Life Gets in the Way


Summer is half over and the commercials and advertisements are talking of school items. I haven’t completed half of the quilt projects I had planned for the summer. The easy quilt I started in June is still half completed on the design wall.

Of course, I have been swimming nearly every morning. I have quilted several quilts for the local donation quilt group. I have corrected the galleys of my forth coming book. I have watched movies with my granddaughter. I have worked on a new class to teach this winter. My husband just retired and I am needed to admire his handiwork projects.

I guess I haven’t been as lazy as I thought. There is still August.


About cpgdesigns

I have over 35 years of quilting, teaching and sewing experience. I applied these skills to produce quilt patterns to encourge new quilters to express their creativity and technique with confidence. Experienced quilters will appreciate the quick, easy but versatile patterns. I hope you enjoy my view of the quilting world.

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