Happy New Year


I hope you had a nice new year’s evening. Ours was very quiet. We usually take fireworks to our daughter’s home. My husband and son-in-law will fire up the fireworks and the adults and grandkids ‘ooh and ahh’ over the beautiful lights. Some of the neighbors join in too. But this year both grandkids had dental surgeries and everyone is burn out from the holiday rush. So we stayed home and watched a movie marathon of “The Thin Man” series with Myra Loy and William Powell. We even went to bed before midnight.

I fell asleep with visions of an uncompleted quilt in my dreams. But wouldn’t you know it, the New Year dawned and I can’t find the 6 blocks already completed.  I remember in December I moved them so I could finish a customer’s quilt. I did a gentle look thru my sewing room today but cannot find them. It always happen like that doesn’t it. Tomorrow I will have to remove all items from each shelf; I might as well dust at the same time.  Well I hope this is not how my whole year will go. Although, I will have clean sewing room that way.

A Happy New Year to all of you and many completed quilts too.


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