Happy Birthday


Today is my father’s birthday. He would be 102 years old. Sadly he passed away at the age of 69. I think of him every day. He was a remarkable man. He began as a farm boy in Texas who played the ‘fiddle’ at local dances. After World War II he began working as a carpenter.

He was constantly improving his skills in his craft. He learned about electrical, plumbing and what we now call HVAC. He learned to design houses (I could read blueprints before I could read). Until I married I never lived in a house he hadn’t built.

I often wonder what he would think of the advances of today’s technology. I can picture him sitting at a computer typing his poetry or his old west stories (he had been published). He would love the design software for houses available today, although he would always be ‘tweaking’ them. Oh the things he might design today. Happy Birthday Dad!

What started me on this nostalgic remembrance of my father and his embracing new technologies despite his limited formal education? Well you might ask!

I just returned from the East Coast Gammill Long Arm Conference. My brain is bursting with all that I learned. I am hurrying through my daily chores so I can go to my machine and try some of the new techniques I have learned. As today is also my father’s birthday I wondered what he would have thought of all the new technology we have today.

I believe he would have a computer, likely a lap top. He would be writing his poetry or his old west stories. More importantly I think he would love the computerized long arm quilt machines. He would love the idea of drafting a pattern and creating a total design layout. It would have been akin to his designing, drafting with the blueprints, and building a house as he did most of his working life.

He would have watched his design stitch out and be satisfied with the overall results just like the completed house. He would have taken the quilt off the machine and handed it to me and say…”don’t you want to be a part of this, your hand work is very good, why not finish the binding”…with a smile.EW Perry68 - Copy


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