Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show 2016


Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival has come and gone but the memories live on.   The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show was a mile stone for me this year.  It was the first national show at which I taught a class.  My self and two friends, to be correct, created the class.  We had worked on this presentation for many months to have a professional, interesting, and educational presentation.  Our subject?  Book Proposals, a road map to completing a book proposal with a minimum of frustration. Our goal was to help others who wished to write a book but was unsure how to approach a publisher.

We are fortunate that the three of us have the same publisher, Schiffer Publishing, and who was willing to allow us to use their proposal guide as the basis of our class. As I mentioned we worked for several months on the subject matter. We held two rehearsals to a group of friends for their critique and suggestions.

The students who attended the class were very motivated about the subject of the class. One had driven 5 hours to attend. For another attendee, this was the only class for which she signed up. Most had been thinking about writing a book and had a subject in mind already. They were attentive and asked on point questions. The end of class comments stated that they enjoyed, learned from and appreciated our presentation a great deal.


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