Prom Dress Shopping


Last weekend I went Prom Dress shopping. My granddaughter is going to her first prom. Her mother, my eldest daughter, invited me (Nana) and my second daughter (Aunt) to go along. We all agreed she should try on all styles to help decide what she liked.  We went to several stores and looked at dresses, holding them out for the prom girl to give approval for try-on.

In the dressing room it was like an episode of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’. My granddaughter had two dressers helping her into and out of the gowns. I sat and gave remarks such as: “It is a sweet dress but she doesn’t sparkle in it”.  Have no fear; I took my cues from the expressions on her face when she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

She discovered she did not want a strapless – thank goodness, nor did she like one shoulder dresses. In the end she liked a basic bodice of navy blue lace with a natural waistline and a full skirt of the lace and chiffon that twirls if she turned.  We were all pleased with her choice.  I am grateful to my daughter for inviting me to share this memory in the making.

No pictures at this time. I am told that I need to wait until the event, late April.


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