Never to old to learn new tricks


This will be an interesting entry for me to write. I will try to write about a subject that I still do not fully understand. Thursday evening I attended my eagerly awaited quilt meeting. We had arranged for local quilters, Collen Cornell and Bruce White, to speak to our group about Mathematical Quilts and the Fibonacci theory of proportions. It was clear that they had thoroughly researched and planned the presentation. They had presented this program once to another group and the ‘buzz’ was circulating the region of how great it was. We were not disappointed.

All the higher math that didn’t make sense in high school suddenly did.  Well began to for me anyway. Explanations of the proportions and how it creates a more balanced and pleasing quilt was given. A power point presentation of charts and quilts helped to visually understand the ratio of proportions. Now I understand why some quilts are immediately pleasing to the eye.

I had read about the great painters in history using a subject of focus and then drawing the eye around in a circular motion to see the other areas in the painting, then bringing the eye back to the focus subject again. It’s the Fibonacci theory.

Included besides Fibonacci was Eileen K. Ellison. She has a book titled ‘Mathematical Quilts’. The information found in her book was insightful in the evening’s presentation.

Thursday evening reminded me that we are never too old to learn and improve our minds and crafts.


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