Alaskan Cruise


Lorenzo and I just returned from an Alaskan Cruise. We left the heat of Virginia and California (where we went to our high school reunion) and went to the chilly north west. It rained almost very day and was misty when it wasn’t raining. The temperature averaged 67 degrees.  We saw 2 whales, 2 eagles and 6 dolphins. The cruise shows were terrific, the food was great; Lorenzo never passed a dessert without trying it. And I gained 5 pounds. The calories just float in the air to my hips.

While visiting the three towns/cities that the ship stops at, I visited the local quilt shops. Juneau has two quilt shops, Raintree Quilting and Changing Tides. Of course, I showed them my book (‘The Fiona Block’) but I did some shopping too.

Skagway is a very small town less than one thousand permanent residents. In the summer that number increases big time, as many as five thousand summer hires. The cruise ships come in very couple of days and some/often more than one ship at a time. The Rushin’ Tailor’s Quilt Alaska shop specializes in Alaskan themed fabrics and patterns. Makes sense.

Our last town was Ketchikan. There were 5, yes 5, ships there at the same time. The quilt shop there is the Whale’s Tale. I had a wonderful conversation with the owner, Jenny. Very enjoyable. I bought fabric there too.

More important to quilters, I scored ‘Row by Row’ patterns from each shop. Now if I can just find time to make a memory quilt of our Alaskan Cruise.


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