East Coast Gammill Conference


This weekend I went to the East Coast Gammill Conference in Richmond, Virginia. This is the third year I have attended and each year I understand and learn more about my Statler Gammill machine. For those who do know why some people say Statler instead of Gammill let me explain.

The stitcher (sewing machine) is a Gammill. If one says Gammill, he/she means it is a hand guided machine. A Statler is a computer digitized guided Gammill machine.  For full disclosure, a Statler may be used in hand guided mode also.

I took several classes over the 2 ½ days and from well-known instructors. I had a great time meeting other long arm quilters from up and down the east coast. Some people I had met from previous years and some from my regional area. One instructor was Karen Sievert, she and I belonged to the same quilt guild before she moved to North Carolina. It was great to see her again. She taught a class on hand guided designs for backgrounds –in the long arm world they are called ‘fills’. Karen is a great instructor and has the gift of making each person feel special and an important person in the class.

I also had a class (two classes actually) with Georgia Shull. The class was titled ‘Simple Steps to Keep Your Statler Stitching’. She had a check list of what to look for before they become problems. When and what to clean and replace before they become are expensive problems. A nice feature of all Georgia’s classes is she always has a flash drive available (for a small fee) of her classes so one may refer to them later.

I have posted two pictures of us. Two because at least one of us will look okay in one picture if not the other. It had been a long day. Karen Sievert – left, Carolyn Goins -center, Georgia Shull – right.


About cpgdesigns

I have over 35 years of quilting, teaching and sewing experience. I applied these skills to produce quilt patterns to encourge new quilters to express their creativity and technique with confidence. Experienced quilters will appreciate the quick, easy but versatile patterns. I hope you enjoy my view of the quilting world.

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