Spring and then Snow


I have taken a rather long break from the computer. I have been quilting, sewing, and designing a lot. I will eventually talk about all I have been doing.Easter 2017
For now I will share the spring before the snow storm. Sounds backwards but that’s what is going to happen tonight. The wealther man says 10 inches of snow when we get up in the morning. I thought the snow might crush the daffodils so I cut them and brought them inside to enjoy.


Happy New Year 2017


A Happy New Year to all. I wish you all blessings and prosperity in the coming year.

My husband and I went to dinner New Year Eve with a group of friends. I had a wonderful meal, Surf and Turf, more than I could eat. Afterwards we went to the home of one of our group. We had dessert and rang in the New Year with silly hats and noise makers. We had a wonderful time.

Sunday morning we made omelets with the leftover lobster. We attended church and spent the afternoon removing the outside holiday lights. It was a lovely afternoon weather wise and was perfect timing to remove the lights.

I spent some of the afternoon on a quilt project that I hope to enter into the Sacred Threads exhibit. Thro I must admit I am having some trouble with it.

So now on the second morning of 2017 I say again… Happy New Year.

Challenges are to learn from


My local quilt guild has a challenge each year. It is announced each February and is due at the November meeting. The challenge this year was to make a quilt with two colors, it may be two color families, and must contain one ‘square in a square’ block somewhere in the top.  Oh, there was a size limit. It could be as small as desired but not over 250 inches overall.  It was the size requirement that messed me up.

When I hear the challenge I thought great! I have a red and white quilt top I made a couple of years ago but had not yet quilted it. I waited until June to pull it out of the cupboard and measured it. It was 6 inches too large on each side.  Now what?  I do still have the red and white fabrics I used.  I’ll just make a smaller version.  A smaller version would make all the triangles and borders smaller in ratio and that would really be a lot of work.  I decided keep the size of triangles the same but have fewer of them and I would leave off the 2 outside borders.  I made the quilt top over the summer. I still had to refigure the measurements of the triangles to fit the new size. I ripped out one side of triangles three times to make it fit.  Where did I go wrong?

I used my Statler Gammill long arm to quilt the top. It was a learning experience to place a design in the center block and ‘trim away’ the design from the applique in the center of the block. The next learning experience was to flip the design for the triangles for each direction. The lesson I am the most pleased with is to divide and trim the triangle design to fit in the split half triangle area of the border. The quilt may not be the most pleasing proportionally but it was an out of my comfort zone learning experience.

It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


It is the most wonderful time of the world. Quilt world that is, fall quilt market in Houston, Texas. It is when manufactures’ come to show, share, and sale their products with the quilters of the world. What will be the color of the year? What is the newest gadget or the best book?

Kathy Miller of Michael Miller Fabrics stated that Navy is now the new black. Olive is the green of the year and Sea Blues, Aqua and Turquoise Greens are happy nature neutrals.   Warm golds are the accent color. The Navy and Aqua looked very pretty next to each other.

I saw several fabric companies offering true Reds. Red and white, red with black or gray. Grays are still very noticeable. Pastels are widely noticeable but in richer colors not washed out or grayed down. Batiks are everywhere. Every company has a line of batiks.

Patrick Lose now has his own fabric company. If you are not familiar with his name, you are with his fabric. His line with Moda , ‘Moda Marbles’, is still a staple after a decade. He is offering a sweet collection for girls (of all ages) with flower motifs of pink, orange, and yellow with a ring of white around them, reminiscent of stickers. It is called Anna’s Garden. His blender collection of blues and greens are right on the mark. For the boys (again of all ages) ‘Let’s go Camping’. The collection has bears, fishing equipment and prints of other camping stuff. He has several other collections just as nice.

Lecien Fabrics of Japan has a collection by Samarra Khaja called ‘Geogram’. It is modern in print but appealing to all quilting taste. I received a door prize package (we all did) of 4” square charms and I can’t wait to use it.

One session featured new books. Several look great, C & T author Patty Murphy ‘Piecing Makeover’ has lots of tips to help beginners  and experienced. John Kubiniec’s new book ‘New Spin of Drunkard’s Path’ looks exciting. I have always liked the Drunkard’s Path block but he has divided and pieced to create new patterns and appearances. I wish I had thought of it.

I also noticed several companies making precut circles usually in 7” or 5” circles. My guess is for Hexies. Animal prints (not patterns) are gaining popularity. Besides the fox and hedgehog of last year, I saw whales, dogs, llamas, rabbits, and more. These prints are small, multi directional prints in primary and rich pastels that will work well together.  It will be an exciting year in the quilt stores.

Pictures are: Market Floor before opening morning, Patrick Lose and Carolyn Perry Goins, Samarra Khaja designing for Lecien Fabrics, Samarra’s Quilt, the Schiffer authors attending – Renelda Peldunas-Harter, Mary Kerr, and Carolyn Perry Goins. More pictures to follow.

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Uncle turns 100!


Sunday, October 16, was my Uncle’s 100th birthday. People came from all across the country to his birthday party.  Some traveled from the east coast (as I did), the Midwest, down the west coast and up and throughout the state of California. The number of family members in attendance was approximating 130.

Family members from my side (my aunt was one of 4 sisters) and of my uncle (he was the youngest of 5) attended. Some members had heard of each other through old stories but never met or met only once. One of his niece’s went to the 6th grade with my mother. I never knew that.  The number of grandchildren and great grandniece and nephews was staggering. Honestly, anyone under the age of 50, I did not know.

The local news station interviewed him and of course asked what his secret to long life was. He stated “clean living”. There was lots of laughter among the family; he then pleaded the 5th to that question.

A surprise guest arrived; it was the old race car that he and his brother owned in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. They owned and sponsored it in the early days of car racing. The car is now owned by ‘Red Roaster’ vintage race cars. The current owners were gracious to bring it for all to see. They had just raced it the night before in the area. It was wonderful to see him run his hands lovingly along the car and talk about the ‘Wayne engine’. We thank our cousin Harold for locating and arranging the car’s attendance.

Happy 100th Birthday, Uncle Cloyd.