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More Quilt Market


In my previous blog I spoke of the colors, trends, and anything else I can remember about Quilt Market. Yes, I did take notes but it is overwhelming  with so much information. This blog will be pictures  with captions.

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Quilted Dinner in Houston


I just returned from the Quilt Market in Houston, Texas. The weather was 10/15 degrees warmer than what I left at home. I prefer warmer tempts, so I was a happy camper to start with. I made note of all the trends (nothing really new) and the upcoming fabric collections (I like the Studio E’s collections).

The real purpose of my trip was to see the Quilt Show – especially the exhibits. As the Quilt Festival has now begun I am able to announce that I have an entry in “What’s for Dinner” exhibit. It is the second time I have enter something in more than my local guild show, which is an excellent way to start showing your quilts, but this is the first time I have been accepted. It is a real boost for the ego.
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photo dinner5 photo dinner 1  carolyn dinner
The premise of the ‘What’s for Dinner’ is to create a placemat featuring a meal of your choice in fabric. I chose a young child’s meal of Mac & Cheese, green peas, and watermelon slices. Spill milk completes the meal. I made fabric tubes and inserted pipe cleaners so they would bend for the mac & cheese. The peas were made of felted wool balls over dyed to the correct color and the watermelon seeds are beads.
There were many wonderful meals presented. I hope you enjoy the pictures of some of the meals.