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Spring and then Snow


I have taken a rather long break from the computer. I have been quilting, sewing, and designing a lot. I will eventually talkĀ about all I have been doing.Easter 2017
For now I will share the spring before the snow storm. Sounds backwards but that’s what is going to happen tonight. The wealther man says 10 inches of snow when we get up in the morning. I thought the snow might crush the daffodils so I cut them and brought them inside to enjoy.


Tired of Winter


Yesterday was Groundhog Day. According to custom, we will have 6 more weeks of winter. Last night it snowed – again. We have had rain or snow every four or five days. Just enough time in between to dig out and come to life again and it (snow) comes again. It’s not heavy/deep as the midsection of the country has had, just 5 inches. Enough for neighbors and myself to say… I’m tired of winter and ready for spring.
Recently on one of the better weather days I took a knitting class. I wanted to learn so I could share with my daughter. She knits beautifully. As the daughter of a quilter she has made a couple of quilts but she prefers knitting. I can respect that and as such I wanted to understand the terminology and process. I wanted to share in her passion as she has in mine.
The class was fun and I learned the basics. Now I have a pink knitted square. I haven’t any idea of what to do with it. That’s okay. I feel I can now walk into a yarn shop with her and join in the conversation – creating memories for the both of us.