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Challenges are to learn from


My local quilt guild has a challenge each year. It is announced each February and is due at the November meeting. The challenge this year was to make a quilt with two colors, it may be two color families, and must contain one ‘square in a square’ block somewhere in the top.  Oh, there was a size limit. It could be as small as desired but not over 250 inches overall.  It was the size requirement that messed me up.

When I hear the challenge I thought great! I have a red and white quilt top I made a couple of years ago but had not yet quilted it. I waited until June to pull it out of the cupboard and measured it. It was 6 inches too large on each side.  Now what?  I do still have the red and white fabrics I used.  I’ll just make a smaller version.  A smaller version would make all the triangles and borders smaller in ratio and that would really be a lot of work.  I decided keep the size of triangles the same but have fewer of them and I would leave off the 2 outside borders.  I made the quilt top over the summer. I still had to refigure the measurements of the triangles to fit the new size. I ripped out one side of triangles three times to make it fit.  Where did I go wrong?

I used my Statler Gammill long arm to quilt the top. It was a learning experience to place a design in the center block and ‘trim away’ the design from the applique in the center of the block. The next learning experience was to flip the design for the triangles for each direction. The lesson I am the most pleased with is to divide and trim the triangle design to fit in the split half triangle area of the border. The quilt may not be the most pleasing proportionally but it was an out of my comfort zone learning experience.


Old Time Quilting


Me Waterford fair

A neighboring town is on the National Historic Register. It was founded before the revolutionary war. With such a history it is not surprising that the town is proud to show off each year with a Colonial theme Autumn Fair.  Vendors with handmade crafts fill the open park areas and several historic homes are open for tours.


My local quilt guild was founded in this ‘village’ in 1982. We now meet in another nearby town but the ties to the village are still strong. Each year our quilt guild demonstrates the art of quilting over the 3 day fair. We raffle a quilt especially made for this event.  A large share of the proceeds from this quilt supports a one room school house. The school house has a living history program for 4th graders in our and surrounding counties. Children are encouraged to dress the part of students in the 1900’s style and experience lessons on a slate board. No computers in this classroom.


The picture is me sitting at the quilt frame demonstrating on a quilt which will be donated later. It is not the raffle quilt.